Know where you are standing

Change as key to achieving business objectives

When change is necessary to make an organization (again) successful, support for this is indispensable. What does that mean for yourself and for other team members? By formulating a collective ambition and contributing to it with commitment, everyone gets a valuable role and a clear position. In this one-day, inspiring and interactive training you and your team will discover what everyone's part is in achieving the company's objectives. Thanks to concrete action plans and assurance moments, participants remain committed to the change and the goals set, even after the session.

The training to let team members determine their position in the collective and to make maximum use of the collective potential, especially in change processes.


Desired result

You want to:

  • In a process of change, keep all noses in the same direction!
  • Commitment of team members to achieve business goals!
  • Know where your individual team members stand within the common goals of your organization!
  • Working on the common business objectives from a collective ambition!
  • Positively influence the level of commitment of your employees!
  • Give quality a boost by stimulating ownership!
  • Give direction and formulate a common goal!

This awareness session, based on proven insights in (behavioral) psychology and change management, is guaranteed to bring you and your organization maximum return.



The following topics will be covered during the training:

  • Awareness
    Where am I?
  • Working on objectives
    How do you create support for the common ambition?
  • Pyramid of Commitment
    What does it take to secure involvement?
  • The Circle of Influence
    How can you increase your influence?



This is a one-day training, combining theory and practice.


Minimum 6, maximum 12 participants.

This awareness session is part of the training Boost your Sales as a kick-off day.


Upon successful completion of the training, the participant will receive a certificate of participation.

  • 1 intensive Training Day.
  • Incompany
  • Maximum of 12, minimum 6 participants.
  • This training is used as a start-up training for both commercial and management projects.

Request Incompany Training?

The level and skills of employees or departments do not always match the vision of your company. It can also prevent the company from taking advantage of the talents of its employees or departments in a different way or to use it more specifically.
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Merel Roelofsen

Together with Jack Jobing of Kenneth Smit I go on a visit to the management of the various companies of Strukton Civil.

Within Strukton Civil is chosen to make the commercial organisation stronger. This Of course also requires something from our employees.

The training by Kenneth Smit In my opinion, gives us more awareness among the employees who are dealing with commercial action. The training will better prepare customer interviews.

Merel Roelofsen / Training coordinator at Strukton Civil

A valuable enhancement of skills and knowledge

With our products we make sure that our customers work the processes more efficiently or at all possible. In fact, we do not offer products but solutions.

In the Kenneth Smit Training, our sellers (M/f) have learned to take stock of the customer's needs and then convince them of the individual benefits that the USHIO solutions offer them.

A big role in this is Charles Wolf, a trainer with not only a lot of experience but also a big heart. Our employees do not experience the training as an obligation but as a valuable enhancement of their skills and knowledge.

Nils Büker / Senior Director at USHIO

We have achieved our goal; Individual learning pathways have become clear, the basis for further team development has been laid.

In addition, we have become proficient in applying the various coaches Erik van den Akker and Frank van der Tas shared insights.

Frank van Dooremolen / Partner at McCoy & Partners